Stateland Brown’s partnered company Eretzor Investments LLC handles strategic Real Estate Investing in Residential and Commercial Real Estate.
Eretzor Investments focus on income producing Real Estate and developments that bring with its upside goal the ability to ensure that our investors enjoy the best possible returns in the market while securing the integrity of the investment. Together with our strategic alliance with Eretzor Investment LLC, we are able to ensure the swift leasing and stabilizing of any investment.

Financing Services


Eretzor Investments LLC finance department successfully raises debt for Real Estate projects and Investments.

Construction Services


The development, repair and maintenance of the investment properties are done by Eretzor Construction LLC. As a licensed general contracting and inspecting company, Eretzor Construction combine old fashioned work ethics and integrity, along with a passion for excellence and innovative design.

Development Services


Eretzor Construction Development department is focused on using its expertise to efficiently and in budget develop any Real Estate Project; with years of experience dealing with Architectural plans, City officials and lending institution.